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Jason the Soul

Hi! I'm Jason Soul, an astrology enthusiast who created a website to share my passion for the stars. Through daily horoscopes and personalized readings, I strive to connect others with the cosmic patterns that influence our lives.

What Is Descendant Astrology

The Descendant in your astrology chart reveals insights into your partnerships and relationships. Learn how to interpret its meaning and significance.

How To Find Mc Astrology

The Midheaven (MC) is a critical point in your astrological chart. Learn how to locate it and interpret its impact on your career and public life.

How To Find Vertex Astrology

The Vertex is known as the ‘second descendant’ in astrology. Learn how to find it in your chart and interpret its significance in fated events and encounters.

What Is Eros In Astrology

Eros represents love, desire, and some forms of creativity in astrology. Learn how it affects your relationships and artistic endeavors.

What Is Medical Astrology

Medical astrology offers insights into your health and wellbeing by analyzing your astrological chart. Learn how planets can influence physical conditions.

What Will I Die Of Astrology

Although it’s a delicate subject, some turn to astrology for insights into mortality. Discover ethical guidelines and limitations for such predictions.

What Is T Square In Astrology

A T-Square in an astrology chart represents a challenging aspect pattern. Learn how it can point to dynamic tensions and opportunities for growth in your life.

What Is Midheaven Astrology

The Midheaven, or MC, in astrology relates to career, reputation, and public life. Learn how to find and interpret your Midheaven for better career understanding.

What Is Fixed In Astrology

Fixed signs in astrology are known for their stubbornness and stability. Find out which zodiac signs are fixed and what it means for your personality.

Astrology Lines Where To Live

Astrological lines can indicate the best places for you to live or travel. Discover how these lines are calculated and what they mean for your life.

What Is A Lilith Astrology

Lilith in astrology represents the dark side or the repressed aspects of femininity. Learn how Lilith influences your chart and personal dynamics.

Who Made Astrology Signs

Astrology signs have ancient origins and have evolved over time. Discover who is credited with the formation of astrology signs and how they came to be.

How Do Degrees Work In Astrology

Degrees in astrology represent the position of celestial bodies and can fine-tune your understanding of your chart. Learn how to interpret these degrees and their meanings.

What Is House In Astrology

Houses divide your astrological chart into 12 sectors, each representing a different life area. Learn what houses mean and how they affect your astrological reading.

Neptune Rules What In Astrology

Neptune is the planet of dreams, intuition, and imagination. Discover what areas of life Neptune governs and how its position can influence your psychic abilities.

How To Find House Ruler Astrology

The ruler of a house in astrology can offer deeper insights into specific life areas. Learn how to find the rulers of houses in your chart and interpret their meanings.

What To Know About Astrology

New to astrology? Here’s a comprehensive guide to what you should know, from zodiac signs to planetary influences, to make the most of this ancient wisdom.

What Are Yods In Astrology

The Yod, also known as the ‘Finger of God,’ is a rare and significant pattern in astrology. Learn what it signifies and how to interpret it in your natal chart.

What Does Cradle Mean In Astrology

The ‘cradle’ is a particular pattern in an astrological chart. Discover its significance, how to identify it, and what it says about your potential for comfort and ease in life.

Uranus Rules What In Astrology

Uranus, the planet of innovation and change, has unique rulerships in astrology. Learn what areas of life Uranus governs and how it influences your natal chart.

What Is An IC In Astrology

The Imum Coeli (IC) is a critical angle in your natal chart. Learn what the IC represents in astrology and how it affects your roots, home life, and inner self.

What Does 111 Mean In Astrology

111 is considered a master number in numerology and has special significance in astrology. Learn about its mystical meaning and how it can influence your astrological aspects.